Yell...Laugh...Cry....Howl... Your Kiddo Emotes More Now

You must be wondering why it is necessary to allow your 5+ year old to feel various emotions. Isn't it bad conduct to yell or cry at the drop of a hat, and also be fussy and stubborn?? Well well... read us loud and clear- IT IS NOT! Rather it is as normal as bursting into a giggle after a tickle! He can now emote better than before.

What you need to know 
As we say, age 5 is crucial, and since your kiddo is on exploration mode now, allow him to explore emotions. After all, can you deny that we are all humans because of our emotions??? Emotions are an integral part of our life and upbringing. You cannot do away with them.

Yell...Laugh...Cry....Howl... Your Kiddo Emotes More Now

As parents most of us make this mistake of trying to make our kids good rather than normal. Just as liking something is normal, to dislike is normal as well. If happy is cool, so is being sad. Don't deny him the right to emote. As a parent you need to understand that the more humane he will be as a child, the more positive and extraordinary he will become as an adult. Suppressing emotions and controlled behavior again and again is extremely harmful. For eg. if your kid dislikes someone and you have been asking him not to express it, one day a simple dislike will become a pent-up hatred and burst out in a way that you might not have imagined. Tell him it’s alright to cry when sad, hug whom you love, frown at an unwanted thing, get frustrated when building blocks are falling apart. Emotional are essential, let your kid feel them!




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