You Are Likely To See A Huge Improvement In Your Child's Language Skills Now

You Are Likely To See A Huge Improvement In Your Child's Language Skills Now
Your child is surely growing up fast. This is the time when your little one connects with children at pre-school or day care centre as well as meets adults. This increased interaction aided by her own cognitive development causes her to develop her language skills drastically.
She will learn to express herself by interacting with others and improvise on language and diction.
What you need to know
The major language milestones come in the form of sentence formation. She will now make better use of connecting words like but, where, when, etc. She will make longer and more complex sentences and even know to distinguish between past and present tense through her sentences. Now she will also understand how to use articles like ‘a’ or ‘the’.
She will be becoming more articulate as she tells you how she is feeling using words like ‘don’t know’ or ‘remember,’ etc. There will be a more nuanced use of words to explain complicated emotions like ‘confused,’ ‘happy,’ etc. There will be sufficient vocabulary enrichment and your star will be using different sentences to convey the same thoughts. She will also be asking you questions if she is not able to understand what you said.
It is a delightful time as your child learns to interact better with the world around her and needs all the encouragement that you can give.
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