You Are Likely To See A Major Improvement In Your Child's Gross Motor Skills Now

Your child is full of energy and is totally on the move now! He learns to walk, run and jumps with both feet, throws and kicks the ball and tries to catch the ball with both hands, climbs on furniture and playground equipment, attempts to balance on one foot without holding on and walks up stairs, holding onto the railing, etc. You Are Likely To See A Major Improvement In Your Child's Gross Motor Skills Now


What you can do

You can provide opportunities to enhance the development of your child's gross motor skills by letting him explore the different play equipments in the park(under your supervision), ride a tricycle, rolling or throwing a ball at target, turn on the music and dance, racing with your child and so on. By the end of third year, you will see your bundle of joy climbing, running and jumping, all which will strengthen his muscles further.

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