You May Have Quite A Cranky First Grader

You May Have Quite A Cranky First Grader

Your child usually has a permanent smile on their face. They walk into the room at the speed of light and spread cheerfulness around. But sometimes, they can be too grumpy for too long and those are the days they don’t like to cuddle and tend to be ready for a fight. So, how do you cure this crankiness of your first grader?

What you need to know

Well, the first thing you can do is give them food. Seriously, kids are usually cranky because they are hungry! And no, those chips, sandwiches or French fries shouldn’t be given. Instead, you can give them something natural and organic that they like- for instance, healthy potato wedges or their favorite chicken recipe. That could snap them out of the grumpy mood.

Secondly, to put them out of their cranky mood, give them something fun to do- glittering, gigantic crayons or colors that they can have fun with! If that doesn’t work, then consider letting them have a nap. Or just wear them out at the park, with swings, races and ladders to play around with.

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