Your Academic Champ Needs A Smart Breakfast

Your first grader has to be alert and focussed at school. He now spends more time in the school than before. Therefore, choosing nutritious foods for breakfast and ensuring lunch is well balanced is essential for him to do well at school.

What you need to know
The first meal of the day should be rich in protein and good carbohydrates - the whole grain variety. Avoid sugary stuff. Include fruits rather than fruit juices. Juices have added sugars and fewer nutrients. The fibre in fruits will help him feel fuller longer.

Your Academic Champ Needs A Smart Breakfast

The breakfast can include a bowl of whole grain cereal like oatmeal with nuts, milk and fresh fruit or whole wheat toast, milk, fruit. Avoid refined and sugary starches like doughnuts, extra butter, pastries, soda, and potato chips.

Benefits of a healthy breakfast
Having a smart breakfast gets your child ready to learn, move and grow. It will give your child a consistent stream of glucose. If the glucose levels are low, hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol are released which can cause feelings of irritability and anger. This can affect the child’s concentration level and performance at school.




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