Your Angel is Now Ready To Have A Daily Habit of Writing

Your Angel is Now Ready To Have A Daily Habit of Writing
Letter Recognition
Eye-Hand movement

Your child is quite capable and often tries to write alphabets and numerals. Do you enjoy how your little one tries to write or draw? Well, little ones enjoy writing and learning different things. But sometimes, 3+ year olds show no real interest in writing or drawing. Of course, as parents, you don’t want your child to be compared, but this can be annoying, especially when they refuse to do their homework from preschool classes and get angry.

What you need to know

So, how can you help your child with different activities and get them past scribbling? To promote and encourage writing, you should engage them in these activities every day. Have a routine where they write or draw for a particular duration. The addition of consistency and routine will increase their interest. Be a model and write yourself every day. This will help them know that writing is important. 

Make writing fun by participating in role-play. For instance, you can ask them to be the mother and prompt them to write something for the child. Meanwhile, don’t be worried about your child’s spelling or grammar.

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