Your Angel Is Now Ready To Perform Some Activities Without Any Assistance

Your child is now entering that phase of life when they will be receptive to basic learning that will help them throughout their life. You need to teach your child to be confident so that they can perform various activities without hesitating.

What you need to know

You can plan out basic demonstrations such as guiding both of you along the way back home. Take the kid for a stroll and ask them to take you back. The main agenda is to make the kid test their own confidence and instincts. If the kid stops mid-way then you can give hints so that they are encouraged to move on. The other task could be to make the pre-schooler pedal their bicycle without any help from the parent. Demonstrate the basic movement of the legs and ask the kid to pedal.Your Angel Is Now Ready To Perform Some Activities Without Any Assistance

Cheer them on from a distance so that they get motivated. These small activities are important for the kid to learn about trusting their own self which would also help them when they will socialise with other people.

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