Your Angel is Transitioning From Nap to No Nap

Your child will be showing signals around this age that she no longer needs an afternoon nap.
She may no longer want to sleep during the day and will lie awake if put her to sleep. Another sign could be not feeling overtired during the day even after skipping the afternoon nap. Also if she has slept during the day, it becomes hard for her to sleep at night. All these are clear indications that she wants to be awake during the day.

What you need to know
As a parent, to ease the transition from a regular afternoon nap to a no nap state, when you notice changes in her behaviour and avoiding nap times, take a note by keeping a journal. Document the changes in the nap times. If she is trying hard to fall asleep during the day, pat her back gently; make her listen to soothing music. If she still refuses to have her nap, let her take rest by unwinding. This can include quiet play, colouring.

As you see her avoiding naps regularly, she can utilize the time either for outdoor play, watching her favourite cartoon or doing something that is fun.Your Angel is Transitioning From Nap to No Nap

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