Your Baby Is Able To Jump Forward A Short Distance Without Falling

At this stage your baby will involve himself in carrying out many activities like walking, running, jumping etc. This is the stage when gross motor skills start developing that help your baby to carry out physical activities.

What You Need To Know

At this point your child’s muscle coordination will improve mainly in terms of balancing his body. Now you will find major changes in your kiddo's activities as compared to when he was a 2 year old. He will be more firm in walking, running and jumping without falling. At this age, gross motor skills start developing which helps in muscle coordination. Gross motor skills mostly develop at this point when your kiddo gets involved in a lot of physical activities. So you will see that your baby is mostly involved in running and jumping which in turn helps in strengthening his hands and legs muscles. 

Your Baby Is Able To Jump Forward A Short Distance Without Falling




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