Your Baby Is Likely To Display Emotions Like Pride

Your child experiences many emotions like pride, shame, embarrassment, despair etc. He is likely to display these emotions as well. However, he has yet to make sense of it and how to handle them. 

What you need to know

Pride is an emotion your child experiences on completion of tasks like solving a puzzle, drawing using crayons, building a tower etc. These are his first steps towards independence and he derives immense happiness on accomplishment of tasks and encouragement from you. Encourage him to explore and do new things.  Appreciate his efforts irrespective of the results. Help him practice 'self-control'. For instance, he may feel sad if his tower of blocks fall down. You can say, “Never mind, let’s try again”. Hearing your constructive way to handle feelings, will reassure him.

Your Baby Is Likely To Display Emotions Like Pride

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