Your Baby Is Likely To Do Role Playing While Playing

Your Baby Is Likely To Do Role Playing While Playing
Cognitive Development

Your bundle of joy is engaging in more imaginative play. Pretend play helps him build his vocabulary, social skills and creativity, all contributing in shaping his personality.

What you need to know

You child's imagination now, has no limits and he will pretend play different scenarios. For instance, a tub may become a swimming pool, a bench may become a bus where he is the driver and his friends are passengers and so on. By observing you, he may pretend talking over the phone, making food using a spoon and a bowl. Help your child discover his imaginative play. Read stories to him and he may enact the scenario and characters in his play.

Incorporate unstructured playtime in his routine. You will be amazed on how innovative he gets using simple objects. For instance, he may use an empty paper towel roll as a telescope to see you. Appreciate his imagination that will boost his self- esteem and confidence.