Your Baby Is Likely To Establish Hand Dominance

For major parts, your baby might have used both of his hands for performing tasks. Around this age he may have started using one hand a little more than the other. You may have started to wonder which hand is going to be his dominant hand, that is, which hand will he use more frequently to do things?

What you need to know

Your child may appear to use one hand for one task and then probably switch hands to do some other task till now. But by this point as he starts performing fine motor skills like scribbling, drawing, cutting with scissors and other functional activities in his daily life, he will have mostly established hand dominance. His dominance will be either right-handed or left- handed. Your child may sometimes use both hands but it would be better if he develops hand dominance in one hand as that will help him in developing accuracy and speed for doing fine motor tasks.

Your Baby Is Likely To Establish Hand Dominance

Whether your child is left-handed or right-handed, it does not make any difference academically. Don’t force your child to change hands as it can affect his development and confidence.

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