Your Baby Will Now Know The Difference Between 'Mine And Yours'

For your little one, the belief is the world that revolves around him. He says thinks like, 'My toy, my truck, I want, I can' etc. This is absolutely normal. He will slowly began to have a sense of 'what is mine' and 'what is yours'. 

What you need to know

You may start to hear your little one say,  “Mine toy, that is yours” He understands ‘yours’ by grasping the fact that different people possess different things. In his usage of ‘yours’, he wants to convey to his peers, that you have your toy or things and need not take his. Sharing is the next challenge to work on with your little one, to enhance his social skills. Its very important for your bundle of joy to learn about owning things before he learns to share his belongings. 

Your Baby Will Now Know The Difference Between 'Mine And Yours'

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