Your Champ is Quite Curious And Eager To Learn

At this stage you will see that your kiddo has started asking too many questions and is tending towards forming their own opinions on varied matters. This is normal intellectual development seen at this age and you should embrace this with open arms. Your champ enjoys challenges. 

What you need to know 
Your kid will exhibit curiosity in knowing and understanding things around them more keenly and prefer to lean towards reality. They will master basic reading and writing skills, attempt to get their pronunciations correct, and identify spellings better.

Your Champ is Quite Curious And Eager To Learn

They show eagerness to learn new things. Encourage them in developing hobbies according to their interests. Kids of this age like to be challenged but might take some time to complete the assigned activities. The attention time span is considerably more. So the parents have to give them challenging activities which are age appropriate and allow them to complete the activity at their own pace.




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