Your Child Already Has A Comfort Zone- Is Creativity Taking A Backseat?

Your Child Already Has A Comfort Zone- Is Creativity Taking A Backseat?
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Your middle year child is going through an incredible phase of cognitive development. Children this age tend to start thinking in a more logical and reasoning way. They gravitate more towards conformity, structure and reality. As a result creativity takes a back seat. Their drawings and games become less fanciful and more realistic. They are more interested in doing the right thing and are not willing to show their creativity with the fear that they will be ridiculed by the peer group. 

What you need to know
In addition to that, schools also foster linear thinking at this stage and there is only one right answer to the questions. So for parents who value creativity, it may be an uphill task at this age to encourage your child to think outside the box.

To encourage creativity, parents first need to understand what creativity is. Many of us associate creativity with music, art, theatre, etc. However creativity is a quality that underlies all subjects, work and actions that we take. Creativity in the broader sense is your child’s ability to find new ways of solving a problem or approaching a situation.
A creative child is able to think and approach situations in an unconventional way. Children who are able to see multiple perspectives and have flexibility of thought to come up with novel ideas are the ones who are creative.

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