Your Child Can Be An Active Participant in Daily Chores

Your Child Can Be An Active Participant in Daily Chores

At the age of 5, your child can do much more than you can possibly think of. You will probably sometimes feel that things are getting out of hand. Disciplining your kid is important, but not difficult as many perceive it to be. However, do not expect your child to be obedient in everything either. There are certainly some things that can induce a sense of responsibility in her. You now realize that disciplining is a major issue as your child grows up. There is a sudden bout of being independent and impertinent, at the same time. 

What you need to know

One of the easiest ways to start disciplining your child is to involve her in daily household chores suited to her age. It is certainly not expected that the child will do the work of adults. But there are simple and easy tasks that your kids can help you out with, like picking up toys after playing, keeping books in the right place, putting the laundry in the laundry bag, picking up plates after eating, etc. Initially, there will be occasions where the child fails to do most of the task at hand. Be patient! Help her learn the way it needs to be done, stick around with her and in no time you will witness a more responsible and obedient child.

Reprimanding is strictly out of question, as anything of that sort will make your kid angry with you and also develop an aversion for the task given. Do remember, there is nothing more important than patience in good parenting. So, start your discipline lessons with simple day to day chores at home and see the difference in your child in no time.

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