Your Child Can Be Quite A Picky Eater Now! But You Can Do Something

At this stage, with a realization that they have a lot of choices, your child can be a hard to deal with picky eater. And if your child is a picky eater, then meal times are the most stressful time for you. You do not want to keep serving the same food to your child but feel overwhelmed when your child refuses to eat anything else. This is a difficult situation which can be handled with a little bit of planning and insight. Your Child Can Be Quite A Picky Eater Now! But You Can Do Something

What you need to know

If you want to work on the eating habits of your picky eater child, then the first task is to make a list of food that the child likes to eat. These are the preferred foods for your child. Next write down the food items that your child is willing to eat sometimes. These are the food items that can be gradually added into their meal. The list may be very small but it is still a beginning.

What you can do

Every time you plan a meal, look at the list to think of food items that are similar to the preferred food of your child. Also think of ways in which you can tweak the preferred food to add more items in the list. So if your child loves strawberries but is not fond of yogurt, so why not try strawberry yogurt? With time you can start adding new flavours to the yogurt.

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