Your Child Can Be Quite Resilient Now

Your bundle of joy is undergoing tremendous changes, some of which can be, picking up new information, changing schools, moving to a new neighbourhood, at times falling sick, etc. All these create stress for your child and in order to face these challenges, he has to develop the quality of resilience (ability to cope with change); in other words, facing unfamiliar situations and striving to find answers. Your Child Can Be Quite Resilient Now

What you need to do

Guide your child towards becoming a problem solver rather than providing the solution upfront by accommodating his each and every need. For instance if he has to write an essay on "Republic Day", guide him rather than making him write your views directly. He can research on the net and get some points on the topic. Ask him to find answers to questions like what is special about that day, why is it celebrated? etc.

Teach your kid to solve problems

Another way is to teach him to problem solve. For example, if he has certain tasks to be done like doing his homework, attending a basket ball game, finishing a project and reading a story before bedtime, ask him to schedule the activities as per priority and then show the time table to you. This way he gets a sense of time management and also prioritization of tasks.

While coping with tough situations, your child may also experience emotions. He has to manage his emotions and feelings in a mature way. This is key in resilience. For instance, he may have lost the football game and feels very bad about it. Tell him, “I can understand how you feel, but now you have to figure out how to perform better next time". In this way you are showing empathy as well as teaching your child to work on his skills.

Change is inevitable- be it for adults or children. Building resiliency skills early will help your child to survive and thrive when he faces challenges in life.

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