Your Child Can Display Some Chaotic Behaviour Right Now

As your child deals with new challenges every day, there will be times when he is upset, anxious, afraid or confused. He may feel like he is caught up in a web of chaos, due to which he may end up displaying some chaotic behaviour. Work together with him so that he can learn better self-control and both of you feel calm.Your Child Can Display Some Chaotic Behaviour Right Now

What you need to do

One way to bring in order is to set house rules around the behaviours that cause chaos. Let the rules be simple, clear and implemented by all. For instance, one such rule can be, "No TV while having food". Once your child follows rules, give meaningful rewards. The rewards don't have to be expensive ones. It can be something like both of you watching his favourite cartoon over the weekend or playing a game of UNO cards or just appreciation.

When your child throws a tantrum, don't give in, argue or yell. All this will worsen the situation. Instead be calm and just tell him, “I will talk to you once you are ready to listen” and walk away. This will give him time to think how he reacted and once he comes to you, talk to him calmly. Once your child gets the message and the tantrum gets over, show him affection and divert his attention by playing a game etc. Throwing tantrums disturbs the peaceful environment of the house. By being calm, firm and laying down rules, you can bring in order. Most importantly let your child know you love him in spite of his disruptive behaviour.

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