Your Child Can Improve Her Social And Language Skills At The Dinner Table

At this age, your kiddo can learn a great deal at the dinner table. Family meal time can not only be used for strengthening family bonds, but also for helping your toddler practice her language skills. If it is a norm at your place to feed the children and put them to sleep before the family meal time then you aren't using this opportunity to improve your child’s socializing and language skills.

What you need to know

When children sit down for the meal with the family, they observe the way older people talk. Many words and sentences that you will not say when talking to the children directly are part of the dinner table talk. Children get exposed to that and gradually they become a part of the vocabulary. They get to learn and understand what the parents do for a living and this develops their cognitive skills. When parents talk about how they spent the day, their experiences, problems and solutions, children get to see the world from adult eyes.Your Child Can Improve Her Social And Language Skills At The Dinner Table

You can also encourage your child to share her views about different things and seeking her advice. This helps a great deal in improving her vocabulary, reasoning power, thinking process and self-confidence. 




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