Your Child Can Now Attempt Short Written Quizzes That Involves Answering With Reasoning

As your kid continues to grow, you will start noticing that he has developed new and varied abilities.  He will be experiencing growth as he has started school and his ability to understand various concepts is beginning to grow as well.

What you need to know

At this point, big changes can be seen in his thinking and reasoning skills. Intellectually, he is becoming more independent. Since his vocabulary skills have also improved, it helps him understand various concepts. If given any problem he will try to solve it using his own logic, though the answer may be correct or not. If you have brought an activity book for your kid, you will be happy to see him solving problems in it on his own. He will be able to solve short quizzes which involve reasoning with little or no help from you. 

Your Child Can Now Attempt Short Written Quizzes That Involves Answering With Reasoning

Cognitive development in children varies from child to child. If you feel that your child is lagging behind in it, encourage him and provide him necessary support. Encourage him to ask more questions, ask him to come out with his own solutions to any given problem. It may take time but be patient otherwise he may become depressed and lose his confidence.




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