Your Child Can Now Continue With A Task Even After Being Interrupted

By this age, your child is now able to continue with a task without distraction. This is because her concentration power is slowly increasing and she is able to focus at the task she is performing.

What you need to know:

This is one of the major transitions that is occurring in your child, and it will greatly assist her in later schooling. You may notice a significant shift in her attention levels. Your child has begun to focus on activities for longer periods of time and is even able to return to an activity after a break of a few hours or days. Keep away gadgets, tablets and computers and allow your child to play with regular toys, or activities that improve concentration.

Your Child Can Now Continue With A Task Even After Being Interrupted

Eating junk food or food rich in sugar will make your child sluggish; while food rich in proteins such as almonds, eggs and lean meat have the ability to raise awareness and increase concentration levels. Your child right now is full of energy always. Giving her time to vent out her energy between the tasks may actually help her focus better on the next task.

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