Your Child Can Now Cut Neatly Round Shapes

Your Child Can Now Cut Neatly Round Shapes
Motor development
At this stage, your child can easily recognize different shapes and can differentiate it very well. Your cutie pie is more capable of observing and describing the shapes clearly when she comes across them. Now with progressing motor skills, she can very well enjoy using scissors for cutting neat shapes. You will notice that your kid is able to cut the most difficult round shape so neatly.
What you need to know
At this point you should encourage independent use of scissors by your sweetheart, for cutting shapes, under your supervision. You can also try out making a scrap book, by pasting various objects, made out of different shapes, for example, you can make a flower which includes a circle for middle and other half circles for petals. You should teach her the basics of using scissors correctly and tell her what precautions need to be taken while handling a scissor.
Once your little one starts practicing it regularly it will enhance her hand and eyes co-ordination. Also this way your child is learning bilateral co-ordination, for example, while cutting a circle, your child has to hold scissor in one hand and have to continuously turn a paper by holding it properly with other hand. Now just cherish this wonderful craft time with your little one and you will feel delighted when she remembers the shapes learnt by these workout activities.
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