Your Child Can Now Draw with Better Control & Precision

Your Child Can Now Draw with Better Control & Precision
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, development of natural writing skills of your child is tied strongly with plenty of practice and concentration. Your sweetie pie is having refined growth now, and it is the time when his motor skills are becoming more refined.

What you need to know

At this point, you will notice that your little one might be able to draw and write with greater control and precision. It is a great way to understand that if your child is developing refined eye and hand coordination or not. This is also a positive sign of refined motor skills, and now your kiddo may become interested in complicated projects as they have the ability to use a pencil, brush or other tools. 

However, your child needs a mentor to guide him. Make sure, you are there to help him out when he loses his grip for holding pencil or pen. So, for now, relax and enjoy, as your kiddo is able to make much more recognisable and legible pictures and narrate stories through them.

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