Your Child Can Now Follow Multiple-Step (6-8) Instructions

Your Child Can Now Follow Multiple-Step (6-8) Instructions
Following Instructions

Your child is now able to follow multiple instructions. The highly developed thinking skills, along with better concentration and listening skills help him execute 6 to 8 instructions in a row. For instance, if he has to clean his room, he now knows he has to keep his toys and games in the assigned racks, arrange the books and art supplies, make his bed. With practice, he remembers the sequence of small tasks till the job is completely done. 

What you need to know

Be clear and specific as you communicate the instructions. Through practice and predictable routines, he will finish the work given to him.

Get your child to play games which involve various steps and sequences. This will prepare him mentally to take on tasks where multiple steps are involved and he won’t be overwhelmed.

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