Your Child Can Now Govern The Dinner At The Dining Table

Congratulations to you, now your child has come one step closer to growing up. This is a time your child becomes more mature in his own way, or says that he has started understanding the true meaning of life. Well till now he may be still dependent on you about what to eat and what not to. But this is the time that you should make him understand the need to have proper feeding skills. As your child no longer fits in the category of infants, guide him to refine his eating habits. 

What you can do
You can help him in teaching the same by being calm and not hurrying in feeding him. While your child is at the dinner table, make him know how to eat, what to eat, but of course in a caring and encouraging manner. You can also indulge in a chat with him; ask him about what’s going on in school, etc.Your Child Can Now Govern The Dinner At The Dining Table

This will assure him that he is being listened to and taken care of as well and thereby your child will learn good feeding skills.

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