Your Child Can Now Handle Last Minute Changes

There would still be a huge temper tantrum if you change his play date plan at the last minute or a movie outing that you promised to him. However, it is now easier to explain to him and make him understand the situation. You are able to reason with him better and he is also willing to understand your point of view.

What you need to know

As your little child is now growing up, life is so much easier. There would still be instances when it is difficult to reason with him and he is not willing to adapt, but in most of the cases your child is now more accommodating. He is now learning to be more compassionate. He is intellectually in a better position to understand situations and how changes can happen in plans. At times, however, you will have to give him an alternative plan or promise him something just to pacify him.

Your Child Can Now Handle Last Minute Changes

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