Your Child Can Now Identify A Pattern Given and Continue With It

Now the time has come when your cutiepie has reached a stage where his brain and body coordination work in tandem and whenever he sees an object his neurons start working in the same direction and he continues further. He doesn’t need any direction but a push to do better.

What you need to do

As the saying goes 'Your kid needs your presence more than your presents' is so true. To really understand your kid’s talent and capabilities you need to spend quality time with him and to further nurture his skills he needs that extra push in the same direction. Your child now is capable enough to understand a certain pattern or a picture and putting his own unique ideas convert into a personalized innovative product. The mind of your child at this age runs at a speed as that of a rocket thus make maximum of the same and provide him the opportunity to further hone his art.

Your Child Can Now Identify A Pattern Given and Continue With It

Get him worksheets with varied patterns and designs which are often left incomplete and leave it to your child’s cognitive capabilities. Certain painting and drawings will also help your child to exhibit his ingenious piece of work which is freshly baked of his understanding and acceptance towards certain concept. Stand as a pillar of strength to your child even if the end product is not so good but encouragement and moral support lent to him will make him spread his wings and will let him fly higher in a clearer sky.

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