Your Child Can Now Learn Logic Through Play

At this stage, play time actually has the potential to imbibe a lot of useful things in your child's mind, one of which is logic!

Yes, those imaginary tea-parties that your little one has with their dolls or the doctor-doctor game that your child plays are not useless. In fact, they are some of the best ways to develop logical reasoning of a child.

What you need to know
At this age, there are simple things that your kid can do that will help them learn logically. For instance, playing with dolls will teach them logical ways of socializing while building a fort would teach them how to protect themselves in a realistic manner. The different activities they can do are play with blocks, take a walk and hunt for colors, try checking out catalogues or color cardboards; they can play hide-seek to learn logically that things that may not appear in front of the eyes are still real or go for playing play-dough with their friends.

Simple sports in the yard are an excellent way to learn and develop as well, along with other games such as painting with watercolors. They can even enjoy dressing up dolls to logically reason the importance of wearing the right clothes or play with water, rice and gravel, etc. on a table.

Your Child Can Now Learn Logic Through Play

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