Your Child Can Now Learn the Important Task of Locking/Unlocking Doors

Your child has now entered the age of 5 and is now more sensible and understanding. He can take your orders and execute them perfectly. Out of their growing motor skills, they can now learn how to lock and unlock a door, be it a car door, or the door of your house. This is a great aspect of development!

What you need to know 
This is the age when you have to teach the child about personal safety. The kid must be well aware on how to lock and unlock the doors of the house. You as a mother need to teach the kid about protecting himself and the stuff of the house from getting harmed.

What you can do
The first step should be to perfect the art of locking the door. If the main door of the house has a knob lock then teach the child to turn it well and then press the central switch. Make sure the door knobs are well greased so that the kid can handle them without any discomfort or problem. The next step should be to teach the child about unlocking the door. Ask the child to open the door only when there is a known person at the gate. For example- parents, family members or housemaid. This knowledge is very important at an early age so that the kid develops awareness about safety.

Your Child Can Now Learn the Important Task of Locking/Unlocking Doors




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