Your Child Can Now Locate Objects That You Point At

It is so much fun to play Hide and Seek and Find the Object with your little one now. You must have noticed that your darling can now search and locate objects and can understand what you are pointing at and bring it to you. If a toy is covered by a blanket, he can easily make it out and retrieve it. Out of sight merely means that the thing is hidden or not visible. Your child is willing to explore and retrieve it.Your Child Can Now Locate Objects That You Point At

What you need to know

Mental representation of an object that was there and now cannot be seen is a major cognitive development in children. While younger kids fail to understand obvious visual clues, like hidden behind a barrier, slipped under the table or covered by a cloth, kids by the age of 2-3 years are able to process this information and retrieve a hidden object. They are even able to follow the line of vision and pick up an object pointed at. Encourage your child to get better at this through related activities.

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