Your Child Can Now Memorise Small Passages Or Poems

Your Child Can Now Memorise Small Passages Or Poems

Your kid can now read words and small sentences. They are taking small steps towards their path to acquire knowledge. It is an amazing thing that their default memory and capacity to process things is increasing at a fair rate. Don’t let them stop; work on their memory so that they can remember the things that they learn.

What you need to know

You need to buff up their brain through careful exercises. If your kid can read properly without any assistance then let them stretch a bit. For example, if they can read 50 words at a stretch then push them to read 100 words the next time they try. Reading helps considerably in memorizing.

The next step should be to make the child learn small paragraphs and ask them to recite them. You can also make the kid learn interactive poems and can ask them to recite it in front of the family.

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