Your Child Can Now Participate In Religious Activities More

Your Child Can Now Participate In Religious Activities More

This is the age you have to introduce your princess to family rituals and involve her in celebrations. The rituals may include birthday parties, family mealtimes and bedtime during get togethers, weekends and cultural festivals, like Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan and so on.

What you need to know

Your little princess will happily participate in rituals linked to religious festivals. Normally, she will fuss about having an oil bath, but insist her and make this an enjoyable traditional practice. She will love dressing up with new dresses with matching accessories.

She will participate enthusiastically in filling colours to the rangoli laid, plucking flowers from plants in the garden and stringing them into small garlands. Exposing her to religious practices like chanting slokas, arranging fruits and flowers in a tray will enable her to understand and imbibe your family’s traditional culture better. Always keep in mind that she must be under some responsible guidance at all times for her safety. She will enjoy mingling with guests and relatives and love the outings with them.  

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