Your Child Can Now Pedal A Ride-On Toy Such As A Bike

Your Child Can Now Pedal A Ride-On Toy Such As A Bike
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

Your kid at this stage loves to hop on things with wheels. Even before kids could walk, if they see wheels, their faces light up and they are drawn to them! But times are changing and you are starting to notice the lack of functionality in tricycles in comparison to simple push toys for 1 to 2 year olds and then a balance bike for 2 years and up. Simple and pleasing ride-on toys for kids are popping up more frequently that can get your little darling moving and having fun.

What you need to know

Going from a pedal-free ride-on toy to a toddler tricycle with pedals is not always the super fun leap that you envision it to be. Tricycles can actually be very heavy and difficult to propel. Most of you who have already tried the tricycle stage, can tell you that their younger children just pushed the trike forward while their shins hit the pedals. But then you can always go for safer wheels under strict supervision as its going to be a fun time and development activity for your little champ!