Your Child Can Now Play With Other Children Of His Own Age

Your Child Can Now Play With Other Children Of His Own Age
Group Participation
At this stage, your child is now truly beginning to understand how relationships work and that other people may feel differently for him. Your child is 2 years old, and now he might play with other young children. But it is best to keep play timing short and sweet as it often ends in tears mostly because someone isn't sharing or because someone else wants to direct the play.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your kiddo is assertive about his wishes. That means ‘no’ is still the word you will hear the most or might come across a bossy boy all the time. Your child can now play with other children of his age , though sharing might be still a difficult thing. It is a great way to understand that your sweetie pie is developing social and emotional skills . It is also a positive sign that your kiddo is developing communication skills.
However, your child might find it difficult to control his feelings, which often results in a tantrum. He might also finds it a challenge when asked to wait. But if his tantrums are not reducing in frequency or he is not interested in engaging with anyone and prefers to spend most of the time playing alone. Then it might be a sign of developmental problem. You should seek advice from your doctor in this case.