Your Child Can Now Pronounce Words Clearly

At this stage, you might enjoy your kid's learning more. He might also start pronouncing words very clearly and is becoming familiar with how the letters sound and how different sounds combine to form words. Your sweetie pie is over 5 years old and now he might start enjoying formation of different words.

What you need to know: 

At this point, you will notice that your cutiepie can identify words that are beginning with the same sound and is now very much aware of the sounds that make up different words too. You will also notice that when he had started school, he must have had difficulty in pronouncing few words, now it may have totally faded away. He might also understand now that single words have different meanings. Some of the kids of this age might also start joining two words to form a single word as 'bookshelf'. But if your kiddo is not, then don’t worry this does not mean that he is lacking behind or anything, he is just taking a little more time. Be patient and don’t rush him with anything.

Your Child Can Now Pronounce Words Clearly




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