Your Child Can Now Read Aloud A Short Paragraph With A Few Mistakes

At this age, your prince may develop good reading habits at home. When he observes you reading expressively, he will love to join you and read aloud.

What you need to know:

During this age, reading habit helps your child develop emotional intelligence and self-management habits. Creating a comfortable reading zone at home and regularly encouraging him to read will enable him to explore new things and develop his reading skills. Once he starts to read, buying books with a lot of pictures and just three or four lines in each page, it will encourage him to read. If he makes mistakes while reading, don’t correct him every time, this would reduce his confidence level.  It’s alright, if he makes mistakes initially. When he grows bigger, make it a point to regularly take him to the library. Let him explore new authors and books and pick his choice. 

Your Child Can Now Read Aloud A Short Paragraph With A Few Mistakes

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