Your Child Can Now Read Longer Sentences

Your Child Can Now Read Longer Sentences

At this stage, your child is now reading for learning and is fluent while doing so. Reading is now connected to hard work rather than pleasure. Up to this age, you might be reading to your child. Your sweetie pie is over 7 years old and now this is the time to make him understand the process of reading. 

What you need to know:

At this point, you will notice that your child is developing his reading skills at a rapid pace. Your child might be reading a wider range of texts independently. He might also start developing his visual literacy skills as well. Your child at this stage might have also learned about punctuation and now may be reading sentences with correct punctuation and expressions. Always remember that you are the mentor of your sweetheart so try to read in the same way, you want your kid to read. It is a great way to understand that he is developing his reading and literacy skills. It is also a positive sign that he is heading towards better physical development.

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