Your Child Can Now Recognise Shapes, Sizes And Colours Perfectly

Your Child Can Now Recognise Shapes, Sizes And Colours Perfectly
Shape recognition

Your little one has perfected the art of walking and talking. He has now started his schooling which is an amazing thing. He is learning a variety of things at school which is helping him transform into a knowledgeable person. It is now time to refine his thinking skills so that he doesn’t face any issue at school.

What you need to know
At the age of 4+ the little one should be taught how to figure out different shapes, colours and sizes. This would help the child to learn a variety of lessons easily. You can start off with household items. Let the kid learn from his surroundings first. You can keep bottles of different heights and ask him which one is big. If the child is able to recognise the biggest bottle then you can proceed with items of different width.

Teach your child about height, weight, length and width. You can also teach him shapes such as a circular bangle, cylindrical tumbler etc. Make the child sit at a place and show him items that have different colours. Let him try and recognise them on his own. You must also introduce new colours such as magenta, turquoise, etc, so that the kid can learn about mixed colours.

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