Your Child Can Now Remember Address

Your Child Can Now Remember Address
5y to 6y
Working memory

At this stage your little one’s intellectual growth has started becoming more complex. His vocabulary had expanded to several thousand words. He is now able to answer simple fact based questions and follow simple directions.

What you need to know

You will be happy to see that your child is able to identify most of the shapes, colors and name pictures. Don’t be surprised to see him remember the names of familiar people and also giving his address when asked for. But sometimes the address given out could be in the wrong order as your little one probably wanted to show of his memory skills.

One of the primary reasons for the child to remember his address and also phone numbers is obviously for their safety in case they get lost. You could always help him memorize the correct address and phone numbers by writing down on index cards and place them in correct order. Another fun way would be to make a mail box and ask them to write letters and put address and numbers on the envelop. This is also a good way to bond with your child. Your child might find it bit difficult but guide him properly and see the joy in his face when he is able to remember it correctly.

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