Your Child Can Now Sequence Numbers

Your Child Can Now Sequence Numbers
5y to 6y
Sequence recognition

Having recognized numerals and numbers in preschool years, your child is ready to learn to count and represent numbers in various ways. He will start to increasingly use mathematical skills to solve various numerical problems.

What you need to know

By this age, your child would be able to count to 100 and conduct simple mathematical problems like addition, subtraction, write number names up to 100 and also understand the concept of before, after and in-between. You can see your child being able to recognize which of the given numbers in a counting sequence is smaller or bigger or which number comes next in a given sequence.

What you can do

If you find that your child is finding it difficult to understand various math concepts then don’t get panicky. You can help your child build his ability. A very easy way is to make worksheets for him to work on. Also you can use computer, as there are lots of memory games and math games available. In this way, they will test their math skills without even them realizing it. Your child may take time to understand so don’t force him that he gets frustrated. Be patient and he will come out with flying colors.

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