Your Child Can Now Slide And Climb In Style

Your child has now learnt to use his physical strength to walk and run. He can now balance his body without your assistance. You as a mother need to train your kid for building his physical abilities.

What you can do
Use the playground as a good place where the little one can practice various tasks. Start off with making the child learn how to climb. There are different climbing structures present in the playground which can be utilised for this task. Demonstration is necessary before you ask the kid to try. Show him how to use his hands and legs to move upwards. Ask the kid to use one hand at a time and similarly copy the leg moment. Initially, hold the little one so that he doesn’t fall. Ask him to climb small sections. It is not an easy task and would require the child to focus a lot.
The next task can be to make the kid learn how to slide. Most kids hesitate as it requires confidence to let your body move down the slide. Hold the child in your arms and slide down. Make it a fun activity so that the little one can learn quickly.Your Child Can Now Slide And Climb In Style

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