Your Child Can Now Slowly Begin Adapting To Your Work Schedule

At this stage, your child is slowly getting accustomed to the practical aspect of life. Most mothers quit jobs or take a long break on the birth of their child. They want to spend quality time with their child, enjoying their growing up years but for most of them, the itch to get back to work never dies. So as soon as your child starts playschool you might contemplate getting back to work and fulfil your career dreams as well.

What you need to know 
Being a stay at home mom for about 2 years has made your child completely dependent on you. Your child is most comfortable in your company and tends to get disturbed if you are not around. Thus for your child, getting adjusted to your getting back to work will be difficult and will take time. They will have to adapt to the fact that their mother’s role will be picked up by some other caregiver like a nanny, grandparents, aunts etc. As parents you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to instil the confidence of the child in the new caregiver.

New adjustments to be made
It will be best to get the child adjusted to the caregiver before starting on a full time job. Start delegating parts of the work to the caregiver and gradually hand over the entire responsibility. This way, your child will get enough time to adapt. It will also not be a good idea to start playschool and your job at the same time. Once your child adapts and adjusts to the playschool then only start working full time. You may consider starting a part-time job and then gradually moving to a full time job if your child is not showing too much distress.Your Child Can Now Slowly Begin Adapting To Your Work Schedule

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