Your Child Can Now Sort Objects Based On Single Characteristics

At this stage, your child will be physically confident and proud of his achievements. But at times, he will still misjudge the extent of his abilities and so accidents are common. Your sweetie pie is 5 years old now, and it is the time when he becomes very good at sorting things by colour, shape and size. 

What you need to know

At this point, you will notice that your little one can name colours and match 10-12 colours. By the time your child is six, he is likely to be able to arrange objects from smallest to largest, shortest to longest and lightest to heaviest. It is a great way to understand that his fine motor skills have developed enough or not. This is also a positive sign that his learning skills are developing properly.

Your Child Can Now Sort Objects Based On Single Characteristics

However, your sweetie pie always needs someone to guide him. So try to encourage his fine motor skills by giving him plenty of opportunities to cut, draw and colour. Also play games with him that involve sorting objects, matching shapes and letters. But, for now, have fun with his cute little brain exercises. 

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