Your Child Can Now Stand On One Foot For At Least 10 Seconds

At this stage, your kid may stand on one foot for 10 seconds. This fun task is a mental as well as a physical exercise for your child. It shows that your child's motor skills are enhancing. These co–ordination and balancing activities helps your child to be involved in sport, self-regulation and concentration.

What you need to know:

Balance is the ability to maintain a controlled body position during a task. It is the basic demand of almost every sport or physical activity. Although balance maturation is achieved in kids till the age of 12 years. This gross motor skill needs to developed since childhood else the ability of child to participate and enjoy physical activities diminish. You should encourage your child for various balancing activities. Praise your child even on failures and ask him to try it again.

Your Child Can Now Stand On One Foot For At Least 10 Seconds

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