Your Child Can Now String Beads In A Given Sequence

Your child now has become most efficient in many tasks assigned to him, he can string beads in a given sequence, can recognize different sizes and shapes and is able to arrange them in a specific and logical order. 

What you need to know:

At this age, putting a thing in sequence is a important concept for your child to develop, as it allows your child to recognize patterns, it will help to improve his ability to focus, improve his concentration and attention span. Your child is now able to have more logical thinking and develops more complex solving abilities. Encourage your child to play board games that involve calculations. Give your child different pictures that tells a story if arranged in a sequence and ask your child to arrange in such order as to form a story. Playing with jigsaw puzzle, lego or any other block games will also help your child to develop a sense of order, logic and reason. 

Your Child Can Now String Beads In A Given Sequence

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