Your Child Can Now Strive For Better Immunity

Your Child Can Now Strive For Better Immunity
Eye-Hand movement
Health and Wellness

Your 7 year old child is stronger and big now. However your child completely relies on you in health matters. At this age you have to be very careful about their habits and hygiene. They are prone to many diseases and this is the correct stage to build a stronger immune system for your child. More care and health precautions have to be taken at this stage to make up a healthy and strong youth.

What you need to know 
Your child is very active and energetic at the age of seven, however it has to be ensured that they do not get exhausted and that are hygienic in their habits. They have well established hand-eye coordination and are interested in showing off their power of strength and creativity.

Kids at this stage tend to be more lovable and caring towards their mates. They are more fascinated with winning and quite easily get disappointed with failures. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to make them understand the rules behind every game in order to build a healthy and strong mind.

Typical illnesses
They are less prone to illness like they were in their junior stages but may be affected with cold for a longer duration, slight fever, appetite problems and other minor diseases. Stronger hygienic habits have to be taught like that of washing hands before eating, to cover up their nose while sneezing, etc in order to avoid being affected and also to avoid spreading diseases.

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