Your Child Can Now Tolerate New Clothing Better

Your baby’s skin is now becoming more mature and is able to handle different kind of textures. With your toddler exploring the world around all the time, his skin is getting exposed to many different kinds of surfaces and unlike the earlier years you will not notice as many allergic reaction or rashes on the body.

What you need to know

Even though your child’s skin is less sensitive now, it is still recommended to wash all new clothes before making your child wear them, especially if it is going to come in direct contact with skin. This is because the clothes have not only been handed by multiple hands before it reaches the shop but also because of the many chemicals and dyes that have been used on the garment. This could cause irritation on the skin of your child or even cause allergic reactions.

Your Child Can Now Tolerate New Clothing Better

It is also better to make your child wear some undergarment under every new cloth till a couple of washes to avoid direct contact with the skin.




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