Your Child Can Now Understand And Enjoy Your Jokes

Your Child Can Now Understand And Enjoy Your Jokes

At this stage, your sweetie pie’s world might be surrounded by fantasies and imagination. During these years, your little one will mature in many aspects and might surprise you, as the harder first two years, are gone now. Your sweetie pie is 3 years old, and now your kiddo can understand and follow your instructions. He might now understand your jokes and might also enjoy them.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your kiddo can now see the problems through his point of view. You should be very careful now, as he can now understand your jokes and might also feel bad. Your little one might also recall now some parts of a story you told him and also want to be engaged in any type of fantasy play. It is a great way to understand that your little one is developing his communication and cognitive skills.
However, always remember that your kiddo is still learning the skills. Try to be humble and calm with him. The following signs could be a possibility of delayed development in your child--- if your little one still cries and doesn’t want to leave you or shows very little interest to play games with other kids or does not respond to the people other than family members, does not like playing fantasy games or does not use sentences of more than three words or does not even know to use “me” and “you” properly. In this case, you need to seek advice of your doctor or any child care expert. 

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