Your Child Can Now Understand Literal And Non-Literal Words

Your Child Can Now Understand Literal And Non-Literal Words
Verbal language

This is the age when the child is open to learning new things. He can now speak difficult words and sentences which is a great thing.
The age of 5 is the time when the kid should enhance his vocabulary and language. It is your responsibility as a mother to be his teacher at home so that he can grow into a fully interactive and expressive person. Make the kid learn about single words which have a different meaning. For example- the word ‘cool’ can be used to describe a cold material or weather and it can also be used to define a calm environment. So you can teach similar words which can be used differently.

What you need to do
The next step can be to teach him about metaphors and non-literate language like “Make up your mind”. This should be practiced until the child gains a good understanding about such elements. Make sure the little one is fully focused when you sit with him for practicing language.

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